Behaviour Support Plans

Our behaviour support plans are meant to help the participants deal with challenging behaviours and reduce their impact on their everyday lives and overall well-being.
Behaviour Support Plans
It involves understanding the behavioural challenges and their triggers and developing strategies that could help with emotional regulation. Through this service, we target your mental well-being. The cognitive difficulties you face can hinder every aspect of your life and limit your potential. We develop behaviour support plans with the participants, their primary caregivers and other stakeholders. We utilise evidence-based practices and person-centred planning to help participants lead independent, empowering, and inclusive lives.

Deriving Positive Behavioural Outcomes

While the NDIS prevents the use of restrictive practices, some intervention is required to promote positive behaviours. We abide by the NDIS Restrictive Practices and Behaviour Support Rules and only employ restrictive practices as a last resort to ensure the safety of the participants.
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