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DMA Caring Hand is a distinguished disability services provider in Tullamarine. With a wide service range combined with thoughtful and experienced support workers, we ensure our participants are well-supported at all times. Get in touch to explore more!
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Professional NDIS Assistance in Tullamarine

NDIS is a dynamic community. With diverse needs and goals, each individual is entitled to personalised care and support. That is why we at DMA Caring Hand make great efforts to understand every participant’s needs and customise the support accordingly. This is an unbreakable work ethic for us!
We always take a professional approach to every single aspect of the service. Be it the communication channels or the feedback forms, we ensure everything is in top shape, giving our participants the best possible experience.
If you are looking for an NDIS provider in Tullamarine VIC, feel free to get in touch with our team at 1300 784 887. We are here to answer any questions you have for us.

What is the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)?

The NDIS is a nationwide programme that assists people with disabilities to live as self-sufficiently as possible. One must apply for the plan to get this assistance, and once admitted, they are referred to as an NDIS participant. This is the NDIS in a nutshell, however, the system has numerous technical nuances that may necessitate expert assistance in most cases. DMA Caring Hand would be more than happy to assist you in this journey.

To begin with, check your eligibility-

Aside from this, you may as well be eligible for the NDIS if you require early intervention or if your family needs to develop skills to better assist you. When you have these requirements, you can consider yourself qualified for the NDIS programme. Your local area coordinator (LAC) or early childhood partners can help you through the further steps.
You may also contact us at info@dmacaringhand.com.au. We can provide you with the necessary information regarding your eligibility, required assistance, and support customisation. With our expertise, you will be equipped enough to make your decisions effectively.

Tailored Disability Support Services in Tullamarine

Customisation is crucial for any service, including disability support, to be effective. Imagine Sarah and John have limited mobility. But one may need a wheelchair while the other may find a walker more useful. When you customise a unique care plan for each like this, you ensure that you meet their specific needs and help maximise their quality of life.
We believe the same principle at DMA Caring Hand, which is why we always design support only after a deep discussion with the participant. We gather information about your current needs, goals, budget, required services, and other relevant data. Such a well-thought-out service will improve your independence and satisfaction like no other. Here’s the diverse range of services we can offer you:
Either a simple chore like cooking or an advanced aid like ventilator management, our support workers will offer an expert hand in your daily life. If need be, we can also provide registered nurses for your care.
To know more about our services, contact our team at 1300 784 887.
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Your Reliable NDIS Partner

DMA Caring Hand is a registered NDIS provider in Tullamarine. We’ve been offering diverse care for years in and around the city, which has given us a great understanding of what our NDIS community needs. By meeting all the essential needs consistently and efficiently, we have become one of the most reliable NDIS partners for Tullamarine participants.
On top of being NDIS registered, our services are proven to be most dependable for various other reasons:
If you have any services in mind, feel free to reach out to us and discuss the possibilities. We trust knowing our expert opinion will open up more avenues for tailored solutions. It’s simple to initiate the process. Call us on 1300 784887 or meet us in person, share your goals, and sign with us. Shortly after, you will start receiving your subscribed services.
We can’t wait to become the pillar of support you are looking for!
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Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely. As an NDIS participant, you retain the full freedom to choose your service provider based on your distinct needs and preferences. You can engage any provider of your choice if you believe they align with your values and can deliver the specific support necessary for achieving your objectives effectively.
Yes. Our dedication to cultural sensitivity and inclusivity is of utmost importance. We ensure that social, economic, cultural, or religious differences do not hinder our integrity and our participants’ well-being.
A service agreement is a formal document that delineates the rights, responsibilities, and mutually agreed support between you and your chosen service provider. If anything goes wrong during the service period, this agreement protects your interests.
If your requirements change, your NDIS plan can be reassessed and adapted to better accommodate your evolving requirements. This process entails evaluating your current situation, discussing modifications with your support coordinator, and updating your plan to ensure that you continue to receive appropriate support.
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