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Start your NDIS journey by maximising your growth and well-being with us as your NDIS provider in Brunswick, VIC.
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Professional NDIS Assistance in Carlton

Choosing an NDIS provider for yourself or your loved one is a great responsibility. You may have many options near you, and finalising one particular provider feels stressful, surely. We understand that perfectly well, as we know the profound impact a good NDIS provider can have. For the same reason, we strive every day to provide our participants with the best support we can.
DMA Caring Hand is a registered NDIS provider in Carlton. We deeply care about what we do and who we serve. That is why we take care of every little detail related to our service, from communication to staff training to reporting. Our service catalogue is also carefully curated, catering to both basic and advanced needs. With this, we intend to be a valuable part of the journey of diverse participants.

What is the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)?

The best thing is that, unlike the traditional welfare models, the NDIS succeeded in addressing the evolving needs of its participants. By providing individualised funds and support, the agency strives to promote autonomy, dignity, and choice for everyone. So, if you are not a participant but planning to become one, you are making the right choice.
NDIS is a visionary initiative by the Australian government to empower people with disabilities to live life as independently as possible.

Here’s how you can begin the process (only 5 simple steps):

Shortly after, your plan starts rolling, and you can subscribe to whatever services you need for your well-being and independence. That’s simple, isn’t it? If you are already a participant looking for services or have any questions, you can reach out to our team at DMA Caring Hand. We will resolve all your concerns without holding back.

Tailored Disability Support Services in Brunswick

Care should always be provided in a customised manner. When it is based on the individual’s needs and comfort, it can ensure optimal well-being and growth. That is what the NDIS, as well as we, stand for. Due to this tailored approach, participants are sure to enjoy greater satisfaction, growth, and control in their lives.
A part of this ideology relies on providing diverse care, which is why we made sure to deliver wide-ranging disability services in Carlton. From support coordination to community participation to behaviour support, we are well-versed in various services. Here’s the full list of support services we offer:
Because of such diverse expertise, we have a high level of understanding of all our participants’ needs. Accordingly, we tailor our support to you with the help of our trained support workers.
NDIS Provider in Beveridge VIC
If you believe we can help you or have any questions, feel free to connect with our team at 1300 784 887 or info@dmacaringhand.com.au. We are ready to support you however we can! 

Your Reliable NDIS Partner

At DMA Caring Hand, we care about two things. The first is to provide participants with safe and reliable assistance, while the second is to streamline the service procurement process. From the moment you show interest till you commence your service, everything will be a smooth process.
First, you initiate a discussion through phone or email. In it, we try to understand your needs and expectations thoroughly, which becomes the foundation for your forthcoming services. Then, we will organise a time as per your convenience to meet you in person. This is the second discussion that delves deeper into your requirements. You can also clarify any questions you may have about our company and work ethics here. If you are satisfied with the process so far and wish to proceed, we will draw up a service agreement for you to sign it. After this, we will select a support worker who suits your requirements and begin the service as soon as possible.
This is how we prioritise your overall experience with us. If you wish to initiate the first discussion, give us a call at 1300 784 887.
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Frequently Asked Questions

NDIS provides funding for a wide range of services, including personal care, therapy, assistive technology, home modifications, community access, and employment assistance. The best thing is that every type of support is tailored to individual needs.
Yes, you have the freedom to choose your service providers under the NDIS. You can select from a variety of NDIS providers offering services aligned with your needs and preferences. This choice allows you to access support from providers you trust and feel comfortable with.
Support coordination is a type of support financed by the NDIS to help participants implement and manage their NDIS plans. It involves connecting participants with service providers, coordinating different types of support, and maximising the benefits. Whether or not you need support coordination depends on your requirements.
The NDIS aims to ensure equitable access to services for all participants, regardless of their location. So yes, the NDIS is available to individuals living in remote, regional, and metropolitan areas across Australia. For more information, you can get in touch with our team at DMA Caring Hand.
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