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We are the ‘NDIS Provider Near Me’ you are searching for! Our services are wide-ranging, reliable, and safe in all aspects. Give us a call today to find out more!
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Professional NDIS Assistance in Caulfield

DMA Caring Hand is a respected and registered provider of disability services in Caulfield. We are well-known for our professional approach to supporting NDIS participants and their families. No matter the need, basic or complex, our fully qualified support workers will come with a personalised care plan and a passionate commitment to your well-being.
Besides being professional, we also place tremendous emphasis on delivering inclusive services to our participants. Social, cultural, or religious, we never let these differences influence our services in any way. Our only focus is on delivering the required care with the utmost respect and attention to the participant’s wishes.
Reach out to our team before you make a decision. It’ll be worth your time. We are available on the line 1300 784 887

What is the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)?

NDIS is a landmark initiative in Australia designed to support individuals with disabilities. With a shift from the traditional welfare models, the NDIS encourages a person-centred approach with an intent to provide its participants with essential choice, control, and autonomy over their lives. Anybody who is under 65 years of age can apply for this program and avail themselves of trusted funding and support from the agency.

If you are not a participant yet, it is worth considering. The process is simple:

The agency will now review your application. Shortly after the approval, you will sit with an NDIA representative for an assessment meeting and discuss your needs elaborately. Based on your needs and goals, the agency will allocate the funds, which fall into three primary categories — Core Supports, Capital Supports, and Capacity Building Supports.
In case you are an existing participant, you can go ahead and connect with DMA Caring Hand, an NDIS provider in Caulfield, for your desired services. We will be honoured to assist you with our thoughtful support.

Tailored Disability Support Services in Caulfield

We have been serving the NDIS community in Caulfield for years, becoming one of the most trusted providers. With us, you will find a support team that is skilled, passionate, and empathetic. We also cover a range of disability care—support coordination, life skills, community participation, accommodation, behavioural support, etc. This can help you find various support services under one roof, minimising stress and worry.
On top of experience, we have also studied various aspects of disability care and made the whole process simpler (and more efficient). For starters, we design a care plan for your needs and assign a support worker that best suits your needs. If you have high-intensity needs, we can also provide the services of a registered nurse who is experienced in ventilator management, wound dressing, subcutaneous injections, and more.
All our caregivers are also qualified and fully trained in all the essential care practices. So, whatever your needs may be, you can completely rely on them. With our participant-centred tools and practices, your growth is greatly encouraged in all possible areas. If you want to partner with us for your NDIS services, you can send us an email at info@dmacaringhand.com.au. We ensure quick turnaround times, so you can expect our response soon.
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Your Reliable NDIS Partner

Trust is the top criterion in disability care. When one seeks support for a disability, they are entrusting their well-being and growth to us. We understand this perfectly well at DMA Caring Hand, so we crafted our services carefully to promote trust in our participants and their families. Here’s how we show our reliability:
In our years of experience as an NDIS provider in Caulfield, we have built many essential skills that elevated our services to new heights. Our experience, expertise, and passion all drive us to become a reliable member of your support team.
If you want to make us your caregiver, simply call our team on 0466 886 586 and initiate a discussion. The next step is an in-person meeting where we decide the details of your support, from your requirements to your goals to your budget. When you are satisfied with the discussions, we will sign an agreement and begin your support service. That’s all you need, to avail of our disability services.
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Frequently Asked Questions

The NDIS funds a wide range of services, notably personal care, psychotherapy, assistive technology, housing modifications, community access, and career support. The best part is that each type of assistance is tailored to the individual’s needs.
A service agreement is a legal document outlining your rights, duties, and agreed-upon support with your service provider. It is how you protect your interests while obtaining services. So, discuss the terms and conditions in detail with your provider before signing it.
If your requirements change, your NDIS plan can be evaluated and revised to better match your requirements. It entails analysing your present circumstances, addressing any changes with your support coordinator, and modifying your plan to ensure you continue to receive appropriate assistance.
The NDIS seeks to bring about equitable access to services for all members, regardless of location. Which is why, NDIS is available to those living in remote, regional, and metropolitan locations throughout Australia. For more information, please contact our team at DMA Caring Hand.
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