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Worried about finding a qualified NDIS support? Trust our top-rated NDIS provider in Greensborough for thesupport tailored to your needs.
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Professional NDIS Assistance in Greensborough

As а leading NDIS Provider in Greensborough VIC, DMA Caring Hand offers professional and рersonаlizeԁ аssistаnсe to inԁiviԁuаls with ԁisаbilities. Our teаm of exрerienсeԁ аnԁ сomраssionаte support workers are ԁeԁiсаteԁ to helping you or your loved ones асhieve greаter inԁeрenԁenсe, раrtiсiраte асtively in the сommunity, аnԁ live life to the fullest рotentiаl.

What is the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)?

The National Disability Insurance Scheme is an Australian government program in which funds and support services are given to people having permanent and significant disabilities. The prime motive behind NDIS is to empower people living with disabilities with more choice and control The NDIS is designed to help participants achieve their personal goals, increase independence, and more fully participate in the aspects of community life. This program is unique because it provides personalised support based on each individual’s specific needs and situations.

Here are some key features of the NDIS :

Tailored Disability Support Services in Greensborough

DMA Caring Hand appreciates that the needs and requirements of individuals concerning disability support services are different from one another. We provide a wide spectrum of NDIS Services that perfectly fit in your situation. We design our Disability Services to meet varied needs, ensuring our participants receive the right support to reach their goals and live independently.
We do:
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Your Reliable NDIS Partner

If you’re looking for an NDIS provider nearby, DMA Caring Hand is an excellent local choice, as we are a registered NDIS provider right here in Greensborough. We offer dependable and compassionate support services to people with disabilities and their families in the Greensborough area who wish to use NDIS services.
Our dedicated team assists you in designing a flexible support and care plan tailored to meet your specific needs and to help you accomplish your objectives. We also include you and your family members in every decision-making process to ensure that our services are supportive of your desires and goals.
These are the reasons why you can trust us as an NDIS partner:
In-person meeting

Experienced and qualified support workers who are committed to ensuring you receive the best support possible. Safety and well-being come first with us.


For each person, we will take a personalised approach. We'll dedicate time to understand their goals, preferences, and unique needs to create support plans. We work to maintain continuity in the support worker who assists you. We believe that working with familiar faces can help create trust and comfort.

Service agreement

Our scheduling is responsive. It will change according to what you want and when you want it. In case you require more assistance, there is always someone to offer support and advice that will make your journey easy and stress-free.

In summary, we are here to empower you and help you along the way.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Anyone trying to sign up for NDIS help in Greensborough should either be a citizen of Australia or have permanent residency, not be older than 65 years, and possess a lifelong and severe condition that affects their daily household activities.
In Greensborough, reputable NDIS providers hire capable and experienced support workers and aides. Many have years of direct experience in the disability field, allowing them to provide proper care and assistance.
Yes, the majority of reliable NDIS suppliers in Greensborough make it their business to know the community well and what resources are available for them locally. They do this by linking up with local organisations, hiring workers who live around there, and keeping themselves updated about any changes that may happen to provide full and appropriate support services.
DMA Caring Hand offers extensive training to their support workers, including disability awareness, tailored care, communication skills, and safe work practices. Several workers have relevant qualifications, such as a Certificate III or IV in Disability Support or Community Services.
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