Assistance with Personal Activities

Live life on your terms while timely and efficiently catering to your everyday needs with our assistance with personal activities services.
Assistance with Personal Activities including SIL
When you start your NDIS journey, you need a team that supports you holistically. . A team that ensures all your needs are met promptly, and you have access to all the resources you need to lead a safe, empowering, and growth-oriented NDIS journey. If you are looking for such a team to partner with and start your NDIS journey on the right foot, look no further. Our team at DMA Caring Hand are a trusted, reputed, and recommended NDIS Provider in Broadmeadows VIC, with years of experience helping NDIS participants secure an empowering NDIS journey.

Everyday Assistance for Your Everyday Well-being

Under this service, our support workers will offer assistance with –
We aim to promote your mobility, independence and overall well-being through our assistance with personal activities, including SIL service. Our assistance with personal activities service targets all aspects of your life and assists you in living a life of choice and control. With us, you will determine the level of support required, and our team will always act according to your will and expectations and deliver satisfactory service.
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