About Us

We are DMA Caring Hand, a name delivering on the diverse everyday and long-term requirements of all NDIS participants in Melbourne.
About us

Work with Inclusive NDIS Providers in Melbourne

Dedicated to being a reliable presence within the NDIS space, we offer support and care to help the participants improve their mental health, walk independently on the path they choose for themselves and achieve their goals.
As a registered NDIS provider in Melbourne, we aim to be the caregivers who provide quality care to NDIS participants and a support system that guides them toward the life of their choice. We promote independence and offer an inclusive environment where they can freely voice their needs and concerns. We practise diversity and respect all participants’ cultural, social and religious beliefs.
Our registered team targets each participant’s mental and physical growth and development and actively works on the barriers, if any. We are open to suggestions and are always keen to adopt any changes that might promote the well-being of the participants.

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About Us
About Us
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